Heads i win tails you lose

Adams booth magic is great for a wide range of functions and events. Standing behind his booth Adam amazes guests up close. He performs classic effects such as the famous cups and balls trick, fast and loose, and more. He will also demonstrate his many card effects.
The pop-up booth is an instant attraction having your very own magical sideshow at your event. Great for student and black tie balls, for corporate promotions, in shopping centres and at private parties, weddings and more.




Fast and Loose is a  cheating game played at fairs by sharpers. It is also known as  Pricking the Garter, The Strap, The Old Army Game, The Australian Belt, and  Pricking at the Belt.







The  cups and balls 
A typical cups and balls routine includes many of the most fundamental effects of magic: the balls can vanish, appear, transpose, reappear and transform.




As well as old con games Adam will also perform sleight of hand close up magic using borrowed objects, playing cards and more.

Adam Edgeley Magician

phone 07393361065



United Kindom

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