If you have a party or gathering planned Adam  can help. WALK AROUND MINGLE MAGIC might be the answer. This is just what it sounds like, he mingles with your guests and amazes them up close. Great for a  party or business function He can visit  tables or groups for a few minutes of personal attention for all your guests. This is known as CLOSE UP MAGIC and can provide an element of fun and help break the ice if needed. Adam has performed his magic all over the UK and overseas including Spain and the USA. He is also the Chairman of Leicesters magic circle

The mystery room

What is the Magicians mystery Room?
The mystery room is a great way to offer something unique to your guests and is great for a small party that has less than 50 guests. A private room is allocated as The mystery room. During the event, small groups of guests are asked to enter the mystery Room and discover it's secret.

They are not told what whats in the mystery room and this builds excitement. upon entering they discover the magician (Adam) who then performs a 10/15 minute magic act. giving everyone the chance to see the magic. once finished Adam instructs the guests not to tell the others whats in the room. by 


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