Wedding Magician


Having a wedding magician can be a fun and unique way to entertain your guests on your big day.

Through the years, Adam has been working hard to develop his own unique voice in entertainment. He has performed at a variety of weddings, with each performance adjusted to the audience and venue. You can count on him to make your event extra special and are bound to have a memorable experience.

An Experience You Won’t Forget


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In a recent survey, 1,000 couples were asked what they would change about their wedding and guess what 78% of couples wish they had spent more on?


As with most couples, the venue and outfits take priority when organising your wedding. Making the venue as beautiful as possible comes next with venue dressing and table decorations. Making sure the photographer is booked to capture your special day is up there as a top priority. Stationery is one of those things that you know you need to do but keep putting off and anything that takes place AFTER the wedding breakfast tends to be seen as an afterthought.

But before you dismiss your wedding reception entertainment as ‘just a band or a DJ’, you need to consider that in a recent survey a whopping 78% of couples said they wish they had made the entertainment their highest priority!

72% of couples wished they had spent more time choosing their entertainment and nearly 100% of couples said they definitely would have spent more money on the entertainment.

When guests were asked what they remembered most about the wedding, a huge 81% guests said they remembered the entertainment the most.

So if you want your guests to have one of the best weddings they have been to, then you need to make your wedding entertainment your priority.

When to hire a magician?

Drinks reception

The ceremony has finished it's time for the photographer to take photos of the bride and groom. This is where Adam can mingle performing from his pockets his amazing sleight of hand to all the guests that are waiting for the photographs to be taken.

The change over

This is the downtime between the meal and evening reception it is another great time for Adam to perform his mind-boggling magic to your guests standing or sitting around tables.

Evening reception

If you're not planning on having a super loud DJ this also can be a great time for Adam to perform particularly early on where the DJ can play background music.